Texas East Ninja Kids

Training ninjas isn’t as crazy as it sounds. This is the perfect creative movement class!

What Is Ninja Training?

Texas East Ninja Kids’ will learn to move through space with confidence and stealth by learning how to apply courage and ingenuity toward every challenge. Balance, flexibility, strength, and agility will all be honed-in our ninja gym. Classes will foster goal setting for each student and our progressive level system will guide students toward personal success and accomplished goals.

5-7 Year Olds

Ninja Kids ages 5 to 7 – This class will teach kids to focus their energy and empower them to approach our ninja course safely and with confidence. New challenges and progression will introduce them to a world of fun and learning.

8+ Year Olds

Ninja Kids ages 8 and older – This class will strengthen and energize your child while teaching ninja course safety and awesome moves. Kids will achieve exciting goals and learn to do so with empowering confidence.

What Is Ninja Night?

Ninja Night is a special 2-hour workout in our Ninja gym! Anyone can sign up, so bring your friends and workout like a warrior! Sign up here!

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