Kinder Prep Academy

“Preparing for Kinder One Brain Connection at a Time.”

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What is Kinder Prep Academy?

Kinder Prep Academy is an innovative and unique program for 3 & 4-year-olds, based on child development research that involves gymnastics, motor skill development, and the academic skills necessary for kindergarten. During their class time, your child will receive the same amount of gymnastics instruction as our Jungle Gym classes, as well as classroom instruction, and a time that combines the practice of the academics they are learning with fun, movement-filled activities.

This blending of skills is what makes Kinder Prep Academy so distinctive. Children hop over rhyming words, climb through number obstacle courses, jump up to tag letters, and have a great time, all while solidifying academic concepts. We utilize our facility and knowledge of child development to enhance your child’s learning experience and maximize the productivity of their time with us.

Why Does Movement Matter?

We at Texas East Gymnastics believe that by combining gymnastics, academics, and motor development, your child will learn at an accelerated rate. Research proves that the brain needs physical and motor development in order to build the brain connections necessary for higher learning.

The increased ability to comprehend, use executive functioning, problem solve, distinguish and identify letter formation, read and write across a page, put thoughts on paper, hold a pencil, and sit through circle time are all examples of skills that are accelerated and improved as motor systems are strengthened.

Gymnastics is the perfect activity for developing these important motor skills. Balance, bilateral movements, crossing the midline, strengthening the core, increasing fine motor strength, and developing the vestibular and proprioceptive systems happen every day in our gymnastics classes! (Brain Hierarchy: When Your Child’s Lower Brain Levels are Weak, They Can’t Learn)

What better time to solidify academic concepts than when neurological pathways are being created and strengthened through purposeful, planned, and playful activities! (Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain)

Our Goals

Developing the “I CAN” mindset!

It is our desire to instill in children an I CAN attitude that will lead them toward success in all aspects of their life. As a part of Texas East Gymnastics, Kinder Prep Academy understands gymnastics and the benefits it provides. During class, your child will receive high-quality instruction in the areas of the vault, bars, beam, and floor, as well as the opportunities to develop strength, coordination, and confidence. In the classroom, we will utilize the Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and the Early Childhood Learning Outcomes to provide your child personalized instruction in all areas of literacy and math, including reading, writing, and foundational number sense, as well as hands-on introductions to science and social studies. Our Preschool Program Director has combined 23 years of gymnastics coaching and classroom teaching, with an overall love of children, to produce a program that develops self-confidence, self-motivation, and a love of learning. So, look out Kindergarten! Here we come!

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