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The heart and soul of Texas East Kids, our passion for gymnastics is what started it all.

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Let’s Talk Gymnastics

Training in basic gymnastic skills is very important for the development of all physical activity as well as minor motor skills and mental abilities. Gymnastics is, in fact, the basis of every sport! The development of strength, flexibility, physical awareness and coordination are the building blocks of an active lifestyle. We are constantly striving to provide an environment where each child will feel challenged, but never threatened by the activities or sequence in which they are presented. Each gymnast will gain a feeling of individual accomplishment from his experience. Gymnastics is a sport which lends itself to every level of ability.

Gymnastics For All

Here are 3 of our best classes.

Boys 5+ and Girls 6+ years

Girl’s Gymnastics: At Texas East includes girls ages six and up who learn through a progressive gymnastics program. Our “Level System” is based on skill mastery and therefore ensures upward progress. We offer beginner through advanced levels. Training on all four Olympic events (vault, bars, beam & floor) plus trampoline serves as a tool to mold happy, healthy, confident children who recognize the value and fun of activity. This experience will hopefully lend itself to the child’s continuance of an active adult lifestyle.

Boys Gymnastics: This is a recreational program which emphasizes strength, flexibility, and balance. We feature the six men’s Olympic events: vault, parallel bars, pommel horse, still rings, floor exercise, and high bar plus trampoline and related activities. Gymnastics helps to build confidence and self-discipline by exposing its participants to challenges that can be handled successfully.

Pre-school Gymnastics

Our goal is to allow each child to feel comfortable with movement and acquire fundamental skills which can be refined in later school years. The sport of gymnastics teaches motor skills through self-disciplined activities. Studies show that early intellectual growth is directly related to physical development; therefore gymnastics not only develops the body, it also develops the mind. This program raises a child’s sense of self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-worth, which are attributes that must be developed in order to achieve higher goals in life. Our Preschool provides optimum learning experiences for pre-schoolers due to its smaller sized equipment and the specialized setting.

Cheer Tumble

Cheer Tumbling Classes are designed for girls and boys ages eight and over. These classes can be advantageous for the athlete trying out for cheerleader and/or the athlete who simply wishes to maintain physical fitness and flexibility. Our spring floor, trampolines, tumble track, pit and mirrors improve cheer instruction and aid in the preparation of cheer tumblers. The majority of area cheer tumbling squads currently picked our students as their team members. Classes for cheer squads are available upon request.

Competitive Teams

We are proud of our competitive teams!

Our gymnasts compete in the USA Gymnastics Federation, which is the governing body of International Gymnastics Competition, with levels ranging from beginner to elite. We have one of the most successful teams in Texas with many State and Regional Champions, National Qualifiers and a Pre-Elite National Team Member, and an Elite gymnast who competed in the Championships of the USA. Please inquire if interested.